July 2, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Seven Must-Have Items For A Day At A Theme Park

Amusement parks offer endless opportunities for fun. Yet, for the best experience, you will need to do some planning ahead. To stay safe and comfortable all throughout your day at the park, make sure to pack these important items.

Handheld Fan

If you are planning a trip to a theme park, chances are that you’ll be going during the summer. Waiting in lineups can quickly get heated and things are a lot less fun when you’re drenched in your own sweat. Keep cool throughout the day with a handheld fan. Since they are so small, it is easy to keep a handheld fan with you at all times and you’ll be grateful for their powerful, refreshing breeze.

Portable Charger


Most of use our phones for more than just calling people. Whether you are snapping photos or fighting off boredom in long lineups, it is important to keep your phone charged at all times. The easiest way to do this is with a portable phone charger. Portable chargers are compact and lightweight, so they’re easy to keep in your bag. As long as you charge the charger before your trip, it can give your devices enough juice to keep going all day long.



Even the sunniest parks are prone to getting a few afternoon showers. The rain probably won’t last long so instead of calling it a day, bring a lightweight poncho with you to wait out the storm clouds. Ponchos are available in lots of cool colors, and they are really easy to fold up and keep tucked away in your backpack.

Waterproof Camera


Many people use their phones as cameras, but that won’t cut it if you are going to a waterpark. Keep your phone safe and dry and invest in a waterproof camera. Disposable waterproof cameras are pretty affordable, but if you and your folks spend a lot of time at water parks, it might be better to invest in a more durable, long-term option, like a GoPro.


Refillable Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially crucial when you are spending hours running around an amusement park. Spend less time in the line for the water fountain and drink kiosks by coming prepared with your own refillable water bottle. Ice water is usually free at theme parks, so it is easy to top up your water bottle whenever it starts running low.

Gel Insoles


Trekking from ride to ride, it’s no surprise that people often return home with aching feet after a day at an amusement park. Avoid the painful aftermath and keep your feet comfy with a pair of gel insoles. Gel insoles are cheap and easy to slip into your shoes before you head out for a day of fun. You’ll be thankful for the extra padding come the end of the night.

Hand Sanitizer


With so many people touching handrails and safety bars, rides at theme parks are full of germs. Washing your hands throughout the day is important, but it can also have you spending extra time in long lineups for the restroom. Keep clean with a bottle of hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. Hand sanitizer usually comes in small packages, so you can keep it in your backpack or pocket for easy access whenever you need it.

You will need to pack accordingly if you want to get the most out of your next trip to a theme park. With these must-have items in your bag, you can keep the fun going all day.


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