The world is a big place full of exciting adventure, history, delicious food, and new ground to explore. But with so much opportunity, how do you know where to start?

That’s where Splash Travels comes in! Our mission is to provide you with the hottest travel guides and all kinds of tips to ensure your trip is a breeze. We focus on destinations with rich histories, with our editorial team often writing about the little-known history of tourist attractions. From planning the perfect route to scouting a destination that’s best for you, our content will keep you well-informed.

Grab your passport and prepare to take off with Splash Travels.

Meet Our Editorial Team.

Editor in Chief - Dancy Mason
Dancy Mason is the Editor-in-Chief at Factinate Media Group. Before joining the team in 2017, she taught English Literature. Her work has appeared in CNQ and Feminist Modernist Studies, among others.

Senior Editor - Samantha Henman
Samantha Henman has been a senior editor and copywriter at Factinate Media Group since 2018. Prior to coming on board, she was the digitalcoordinator at a full-service auction house. Her MA in Art History is from Concordia University, where her area of study was contemporary Canadian art. She’s also worked as a translator, editor, and writer for a stable of commercial clients.

Senior Editor - Jamie Hayes
Jamie Hayes is a Senior Editor at Factinate Media Group. He came aboard in 2017, not long after receiving his Master's degree in the Literatures of Modernity from Ryerson University. While completing his graduate program, he worked as a teaching assistant, later returning as a course instructor. His work has appeared in Double Dialogues and Factinate, among others.

Editor - Sarah Ng
Sarah Ng is an editor at Factinate Media Group, as well as a visual artist and poet. She holds a BA in English, History, and Studio Art from the University of Toronto. Her work has appeared in untethered magazine, Feel Ways: A Scarborough Anthology, and Factinate, among others.

Editor - Eul Basa
Eul Basa is a writer and editor at Factinate Media Group. He is obsessed with stories, especially those that explore the human experience. He also enjoys writing about pop culture, travel, science, and world issues in his spare time.

Editor - Kaddy Gibson
Kaddy Gibson is an editor at Factinate Media Group. She joined the team after studying Social Work and completing her BA in Humanities at York University. Outside of work, you can find her dressing up in cosplay and creating pyrography art.

Editor - Allison Robertson
Allison is an editor at Factinate Media Group. She came aboard in 2023. Prior to joining the team, Allison worked in Project Management at an Ontario Post-Secondary Institution. She holds degrees in both Business and Social Services and dabbles in freelance photography as a hobby.

Co-Founders - Josh Mendelssohn (left), Jeff Myers (right) - Long time friends and bitter Jeopardy rivals, Josh and Jeff decided to start Factinate Media Group after years working in the publishing industry. Factinate Media Group was started to share our passion for random knowledge across the world.

If you would like to get in touch with Factinate's editorial team feel free to send an email to [email protected].