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The 79-Year-Old Woman Who Visited All 193 Countries

193 countries in one lifetime

It's rare for someone to travel to all 193 countries in the world, but even rarer for someone to do so as a senior.

Luisa Cover

This is Luisa

Meet Luisa Yu, the 79-year-old woman from Leyte, Philippines who achieved such a feat. Despite her age, she managed to visit all 193 UN countries—and her story is truly inspiring.

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A love for travel

Luisa's passion for travel started during her early years. She was inspired to see the world after watching American Western movies that showcased stunning mountain landscapes, lakes, and exciting adventures.

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A new worldview

"I saw all this beautiful mountain scenery, lakes, and riding horses," she said. "That's how I started dreaming and saying that one day I'm gonna see the world."

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Relocating her life

When she was 23 years old, Luisa relocated to the United States as a student on an exchange program, focusing on medical technologies. Because of visa limitations, she was unable to go abroad from the U.S. at first. 

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Starting small

As a result, she started her global adventure by visiting various states within the country. She took frequent Greyhound bus trips, using her saved vacation days from working at hospitals in Miami, Florida.

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On the road

"Greyhound was the best because you just hop in," she told ABC News. "Then the next day, you're in another state."

Greyhound leaves the Port Authority Bus Terminal.Adam E. Moreira, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Setting bigger goals

Visiting all the countries in the world was tough for Luisa. It took her 15 years to get her green card, which let her travel abroad.

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Working hard for the money

Balancing multiple jobs, she funded her travels. Eventually, she became a part-time travel agent, opening up more opportunities for exploration.

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Her secret to success

Becoming a travel agent was key. It gave her increased freedom and opportunities to visit bucket list destinations, including hard-to-reach countries like Libya and Iran.

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The 50-year adventure

Luisa spent more than 50 years traveling to every one of the 193 countries. She even visited tough places like North Korea and Somalia, ignoring warnings about the risks.

Visa Of North KoreaKenming Wang, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

She was unstoppable

Luisa told NPR: "Everyone said, 'Don't go to Somalia, that's dangerous,' If I want to go somewhere, nobody can stop me. I like challenge—it's more exciting. I want to do everything."

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No biases, just curiosity

"I said, 'I think I can do this. I want to see these places with my own eyes because there's a lot of history and culture that happened there,'" Yu admitted.

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Her last destination

Luisa's last trip to a country was to Serbia on November 9, 2023. During her travels, she made friends who organized a surprise celebration for her at the airport.

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What a wonderful world

Luisa said in an interview: "I have seen a lot of things from different people, their life and their cultures. I learned a lot, and I find that everybody is like us. They have a dream for a better job and a better opportunity, and most of them are very, very kind and very helpful."

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Representing her country

Nomad Mania, a non-profit organization that monitors well-traveled people, has acknowledged her accomplishments. She was honored with distinctions like the Most Positive Traveller and the Global Explorer award from the Philippines.

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Luisa's top choices

Luisa said her favorite countries to visit were North Korea, Somalia, and the United Arab Emirates. They may be unconventional choices, but she had her reasons.

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North Korea

Luisa found the culture of North Korea intriguing. It was also the first time she tried dog meat, which she said was a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience for her.

Locals and tourist in front of the Northern Korea leader statue in a cloudy day. Pyongyang - 2016LMspencer, Shutterstock


Even though she was cautioned about the risks of visiting Somalia, Luisa adored the untouched shores and found a thrill in exploring a less frequented destination.

View of Mogadishu, people at the Mogadishu beach - 2014MDart10, Shutterstock

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is special for Luisa because it was where she first went skydiving. Skydiving was on the top of bucket list, and she ended doing it in Dubai at the impressive age of 77.

Tandem skydivers hover over Palm Jumeirah ,DubaiPamela Lico, Shutterstock

Never stop exploring

"I always tell them, 'Don't be afraid, go out, travel. Don't wait for anybody because if the opportunity comes, it might never happen again. Just be yourself. And also, if there's a will, there's a way. Nothing is going to be impossible. You just have to go out there."

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Age is just a number

Luisa is proof that you're never too old to fulfill your dreams. There are always going to obstacles that stand in the way of your dreams, but with hard work and determination, you might just be able to achieve your goals. The world is your oyster—get out there and explore!

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