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History of the Toilet Facts

Unsanitary Facts About The History Of The Toilet

Let’s take a few moments to express our gratitude to the toilet, which has kept humanity in such tidy and digestive comfort for hundreds of years.
April 10, 2024 Christine Tran

Unsettling Facts About Medieval Beliefs

The Medieval Ages were a fascinating era—it was also a time where people believed some bizarre and disgusting things, especially when it came to medicine.
March 1, 2024 Christine Tran

Heroic Facts About Florence Nightingale, The Lady With The Lamp

Florence Nightingale Facts: She's one of the Victorian Era's most remarkable women—but most people don't know about her many scandalous views.
February 28, 2024 Christine Tran
Heiresses Facts

Envious Facts About History's Most Spoiled Heiresses

Paris Hilton is one of the most well-known heiresses today—but few know the tragic tale of Francesca, the forgotten Hilton.
February 27, 2024 Christine Tran