April 24, 2024 | Marlon Wright

20 Edible Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Edible Gift Ideas

With infinite food ideas scattering social media these days, everyone has become a foodie to some degree.

This summer, give the gift of food, whether it be a housewarming gift, a birthday gift, or a pot-luck contribution, here’s 20 delicious food gift ideas to wow the foodies in your life.

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Baked Goods

Baked good always go over well, and can be specific to holidays or special occasions. Make them yourself for an extra-special personal touch.

Photo of Cookies on ContainerLeigh Patrick, Pexels

Charcuterie Board—fully stocked

A beautifully made charcuterie board is a great gift idea for any foodie, and any occasion. If you can, bring the fixings and set it up for the party, and leave the board as the gift.

Close Up Shot of Food PlatterPavel Danilyuk, Pexels

A Butcher Box

A butcher box is a new trend that foodies everywhere are loving. Meat lovers and bbq enthusiasts will flip over this idea. Buy a prepackaged butcher box complete with samples of different meat, or subscribe to a monthly butcher box that will arrive at their door with different samples each month.

Raw beef steak and another one packedAndrei Iakhniuk, Shutterstock

Movie Night Popcorn Set

Popcorn lovers will surprise you with the countless options of gourmet popcorns and flavorings. Make your own with popping kernels and flavor samples, or buy pre-made flavored popcorn like snickerdoodle or white cheddar.

Focus Photography of PopcornsMegha Mangal, Pexels

Herbs & Spices

Make a basket of sample sized herbs and spices. Your gourmet cook friends will love trying all the new flavors. It’s versatile and can be used for more than a handful meals.

Spice Bottles on ShelfPixabay, Pexels

Smore’s Kit

Going in a group camping trip? Attending a group campfire? Bring along the ultimate s’more kit stocked with graham crackers, marshmallows of different sizes, and various luxury chocolates.

Person Holding S'moresJACK REDGATE, Pexels

Fancy Oils

Gourmet foodies will love a basket of sample sized authentic oils. Be sure to include high quality options, such as California based olive oils grown and processed on family farms. Include some delicious breads if you’re feeling extra.

Bowl Poured With Yellow oilPixabay, Pexels

Pasta Kit

For those foodie friends who know the difference between cavatappi and cavatelli, a gourmet pasta kit will hit the spot. You can buy a premade basket, or make your own using high quality sauces and spices, and a variety of pasta options.

Photography of Pasta With Tomato and BasilLisa Fotios, Pexels

Authentic Maple Syrup

There’s just something about high quality maple syrup that true foodies love. Skip the store brand and opt for a large bottle of authentic, organic syrup with rich, dynamic flavor.

Pouring maple syrup on Pancakes with StrawberriesRoman Odintsov, Pexels

Coffee Beans

For the coffee connoisseurs, a basket of various flavored coffee beans will surely be appreciated. Opt for sustainably sourced coffee with different roast levels for unique flavors and ethical processing methods.

Person pouring coffee beans in a bagCottonbro studio, Pexels

Dried Fruits & Nuts

Dried fruits and mixed nuts are one of the easiest and quickest food gift you can whip up. Hit up a bulk barn and make your own individual bag samples, or buy pre-packaged options. Toss them in a wicker basket and you’re good to go. People love snacks, and these are the perfect addition to parties.

Photo Of Dried fruitPolina Tankilevitch , Pexels

Box of Chocolates

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates. Whether you’re attending an engagement party or a backyard pot luck, a box of chocolates is quick and easy and will always be well received.

Photo of a Box with ChocolatesRevathi Seraman, Pexels

Flavored Hot Chocolate Mixes

Believe it or not, hot chocolate comes in a variety of flavors. Your typical grocery store should have individual packages you can toss into a small basket. Include a variety of flavors, and maybe even a package of mini marshmallows to complete the treat.

Pouring milk into Cup of hot chocolate on a plateJonathanborb, Pexels

Hot Sauce Sampler

For the hot sauce lovers, small samples of various hot sauce flavors will be appreciated. Check out a hot sauce specific store, or shop around and find different brand options for your foodie friend to try out.

two bottles of hot sauce with vegetablesRDNE Stock project, Pexels

Flavored Salt Sampler

Anyone who loves to cook knows how important flavoring is. From sea salt flakes and lava salt, to birch smoked salt and arctic thyme salt, there are dozens of different salts to be sampled. They come in small jars and can be easily and aesthetically arranged for the perfect gift.

Salt and other ingredient mixedKarolina Grabowska, Pexels

Uniquely Shaped Pasta

Pasta lovers will enjoy a basket with uniquely shaped pasta samples. From cascatelli, trumpets, reginetti, and porcini trumpets, there’s dozens of interestingly shaped pastas to add to your gift. Pair with a homemade sauce for extra flare.

Unique and colorful PastaRDNE Stock project, Pexels

Candy Stash

If you’re looking for a gift for your candy loving friend, this one is easy to make. Hit up the dollar store and fill a basket with a variety of chocolates and candies that your friend can keep stashed away for when they need a sweet treat.

Set of delicious sweet deserts in boxOfir Eliav, Pexels

Homemade Jam

If you’re looking for something more personal, or perhaps more affordable, try a homemade item. Homemade jams and jellies are always a hit, especially if it’s a less common flavor, like apricot or apple. Pair it with a box of crackers to tie it all together.

A Glass Jar with Strawberry JamK Zoltan, Pexels

Homemade Bread

Homemade bread is super trendy right now, and enjoyed by literally everyone. The love and effort you put into this gift will surely be appreciated. Wrap your fresh bread in cloth and place it in a wicker basket for an aesthetically pleasing gift.

Image of Bread Bun on the tableMonserrat Soldú, Pexels

Local Honey

Each raw and unfiltered locally made honey has a distinct flavor, so your coffee and tea lover friends can customize their hot beverages to dial in the perfect cup. Not only is honey healthier than sugar, but local honey has dozens of health benefits too.

Jar with Honey on a Wooden SurfaceDRAKE NICOLLS, Pexels


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