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Big Nose Kate

Rowdy Facts About Big Nose Kate, The Wildest Woman In The West

Big Nose Kate and Doc Holliday had an affair that put Bonnie and Clyde to shame, but their “love” story came with an even darker twist.
April 10, 2024 Brendan Da Costa
Portrait of Thérésa Tallien (1773-1835)

Touching Facts About Thérésa Tallien, the French Revolution’s “It” Girl

Thérésa Tallien stopped the Reign of Terror and saved the future Empress Josephine from beheading—only to deal her an absolutely twisted betrayal.
April 4, 2024 Brendan Da Costa
Danish explorer and author Peter Freuchen, wearing a corduroy jacket, circa 1935.

Adventurous Facts About Peter Freuchen, The Vagrant Viking

The Danish explorer Peter Freuchen had a fascinating life—but in an odd twist, his most shocking moment came just a year before his death.
April 4, 2024 Brendan Da Costa
Marie-Anglique de Scorailles

Suspicious Facts About Marie Angélique de Scorailles, The Doomed Mistress

The king’s love for Marie Angélique de Scorailles put her in the crosshairs of his mistress—and what she did to Marie was beyond disturbing.
March 20, 2024 Brendan Da Costa
black bart

Vindictive Facts About Black Bart, The Poetic Outlaw

Charles E Boles (AKA Black Bart) was a prolific outlaw in America’s Wild West. But he was more famous for his poetry and politeness than he was for his heists.
March 12, 2024 Brendan Da Costa
Prince Albert II Facts

Scandalous Facts About Albert II, Monaco's Playboy Prince

Prince Albert II of Monaco lost his mother, Grace Kelly, from a violent car crash decades ago. Recently, Albert revealed a horrific truth about that day.
March 7, 2024 Brendan Da Costa
B&W portrait of  James Fisk – 1872

Guilty Facts About James Fisk, The Fraudulent Financier

James Fisk—AKA Diamond Jim—was the lovesick Gilded Age financier who made his fortune in blood and gold. He met his end the same way.
March 5, 2024 Brendan Da Costa