June 20, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Destination Of The Day: Tokyo

Tokyo is a vibrant city full of cool museums, fascinating historical monuments, and great tourist attractions. With so many opportunities for fun and sightseeing, planning out your excursions is the key to a fulfilling vacation in Tokyo. If you need some help figuring out where you want to go and what you want to do, check out these great activities.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya CrossingShutterstock

With nearly 500,000 pedestrians passing through every day, Shibuya Scramble Crossing is the busiest crosswalk in the world. The immense flow of people makes for some great pictures, and the area is popular with tourists who are looking to snap the perfect shot. Once you’ve had your fill of the crowd at Shibuya Crossing, take time to explore the surrounding streets. With an abundance of stores, clubs, bars, and restaurants this is the perfect area for a night of shopping and fun.

Yokocho Izakaya Alley

Yokocho IzakayaShutterstock

In Japan, an Izakaya alley is an adult’s playground that caters to those who like a stiff drink. These narrow little streets are great for bar hopping, which provides you with an opportunity to try some authentic Sake and Japanese cuisine. While there are several Izakaya alleys in the city, Yokocho is the most famous. Izakaya alleys can be difficult to find, but there are lots of bar hopping tours that will give you access to these wonderful hideouts.

Sumo Practice

Sumo WrestlingShutterstock

Sumo is a unique and ancient part of Japanese culture that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. One of the highlights of a trip to Tokyo is the opportunity to watch wrestlers hone their skills. The city is home to several Sumo stables, and it’s not hard to find one that allows the public to peak in on the wrestlers’ morning practice. It is a truly memorable experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the sport and Sumo wrestlers’ intense physical and mental training.

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum

Mori Building Digital Art MuseumShutterstock

This one is for the art lovers. The Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLAB Borderless is the world’s first and greatest digital art museum. Its interactive exhibits, huge projections, and breathtaking installations that blend light and sound make for an unforgettable, unique experience. The Museum is temporarily closed for relocation but will be reopened in 2023, bigger and better than ever.

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji TempleShutterstock

The majestic Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in the city and well worth a visit. In addition to snapping a picture of the world-renowned Kaminarimon gate, you can explore the main hall and the temple’s five-story pagoda. Once you’re done taking in a bit of history, you can explore the surrounding area with a rickshaw tour. The streets are full of Kimono shops and restaurants that offer a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine. The temple is also near other popular tourist attractions like Sumida River and the world’s tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo is an incredible city with tons of activities for visitors. Add these five attractions to your sightseeing list for the most fun and authentic Japanese experience.


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