July 7, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Destination Of The Day: Mumbai

Home to more than 20 million people and some of India's best tourist attractions, Mumbai is one of the most vibrant and unforgettable cities in the world. With a wide array of five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants, and colorful sights and sounds, it's easy to be swept away by the whirlwind energy of these chaotic streets. There’s no shortage of fun opportunities for travelers, but if you’re planning a trip to Mumbai, you’ve got to add these top attractions to your itinerary.

The Gateway Of India

The Gateway of India is one of the most beloved monuments in the city. This 26-meter (85-foot) archway is a beautiful combination of Roman, Hindu, and Muslim architecture that was built in 1911 to welcome the British monarchy during their visit to India. It became a symbol of freedom when the last of the British troops passed through it after the country’s independence in 1948. Today, the Gateway of India is a popular picnic area for its view of the Arabian Sea and abundance of street vendors nearby.


Marine Drive

Going on a ride down Marine Drive will give you a chance to take in unparalleled views of the Mumbai coastline and pass by some amazing Art Deco structures. Sunset is the best time for a drive, as the fading light over the sands of Chowpatty beach is a truly magical sight. And with tons of great food stalls and boutiques nearby, it’s the perfect spot for an evening stroll.


Bandra-Worli Sea Link

For another fun drive, check out the incredible Bandra-Worli Sea Link. This eight-lane cable bridge is one of the most iconic structures in Mumbai as it connects the city’s western suburbs with the downtown business district. It is also the main route to the historic Bandra Fort. In the daytime, a cruise down the bridge lets you witness the full power of the waves crashing below and at night, the bridge is lit up with vibrant, enchanting colors.


The Taj Mahal Palace

With its grand combination of Islamic and Renaissance architecture, the Taj Mahal Palace is a spectacular homage to one of the most famous buildings in the world. Not to be confused with the renowned mausoleum in Agra, Mumbai’s Taj Mahal is India’s first five-star luxury hotel. Since opening in 1903, it has hosted influential diplomats, presidents, and celebrities. You can book a few nights at the Taj Mahal or enjoy a shorter visit with fancy afternoon tea at the hotel’s acclaimed restaurant.


Kanheri Caves

Mumbai is a bustling modern city, but it is also home to some breathtaking ancient sites, like the Kanheri Caves. Located in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Kanheri Caves are home to intricate basalt monuments that were carved nearly 2,000 years ago. This is a wonderful place to see Buddhist sculptures, paintings, and Sanskrit inscriptions. You will also get to see unique paintings of the Buddha and explore ancient prayer halls.


As the largest city in India, Mumbai has no shortage of activities to enchant tourists. For a thrilling experience that highlights the city’s bold combination of modernity and history, make sure to add these great attractions to your itinerary.

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