October 17, 2023 | Sammy Tran

Top Holiday Destinations for Introverts

10 Destinations Designed with Solitude in Mind 

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In today's bustling world, sometimes the best vacations are the ones that offer solitude, serenity, and a break from the cacophony of daily life.

For introverts, the ideal escape often involves fewer crowds, more nature, and plenty of personal space. Here are some of the best holiday destinations tailored for those who thrive in quieter environments.

The Faroe Islands

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Tucked between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands offer breathtaking landscapes with minimal tourist traffic. Enjoy leisurely hikes, bird watching, and the peace of mind that comes with wide-open spaces.

Why It’s Appealing: Remote and scarcely populated, the Faroe Islands boast dramatic cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and untouched beauty—all with minimal tourist interference.

Highlight: The village of Gásadalur, a picturesque settlement with a backdrop of majestic mountains.

Suggested Stay: Gásadalsgarður - A cozy guesthouse offering mesmerizing ocean views.

Kyoto, Japan

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While Tokyo buzzes with energy, Kyoto offers a more subdued experience. Wander through Zen gardens, tranquil temples, and traditional tea houses without the press of large crowds.

Why It’s Appealing: A stark contrast to Tokyo’s hustle, Kyoto is the city of ancient temples, traditional tea houses, and quiet streets.

Highlight: The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, a serene forest of towering bamboo.

Suggested Stay: Tawaraya Ryokan - Experience authentic Japanese hospitality in this centuries-old traditional inn.

New Zealand's South Island

New Zealand's South IslandHelena Bilkova, Adobe Stock

Especially its remote Fiordland region. The fjords, mountains, and serene lakes offer a peaceful retreat far from urban clamor. Plus, the sparser population ensures fewer disturbances.

Why It’s Appealing: Its diverse landscapes ranging from snow-capped peaks to pristine beaches ensure vast spaces to explore without the crowds.

Highlight: Milford Sound in Fiordland, a fjord of unparalleled beauty.

Suggested Stay: Fiordland Lodge - Wooden interiors and floor-to-ceiling windows offer immersive views of the wilderness.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlandsaey_aeypix, Adobe Stock

Mystical and rugged, the Scottish Highlands provide ample opportunities for solitary hikes, with magical landscapes.

Why It’s Appealing: With expansive moors, mysterious lochs, and ancient castles, it’s an ideal escape from the modern world.

Highlight: The Isle of Skye, known for its rugged beauty.

Suggested Stay: Kinloch Lodge - A historic and homely retreat with scenic vistas.


Bhutan, HimalayasAdobe

A Himalayan kingdom where Gross National Happiness is prioritized over GDP. Its emphasis on conservation and sustainable tourism ensures fewer tourists and a genuine experience of its monasteries, fortresses, and scenic beauty.

Why It’s Appealing: A land where tradition reigns, the crowds are thin, and the emphasis on spiritual well-being is paramount.

Highlight: The cliffside Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

Suggested Stay: Zhiwa Ling Hotel - A fusion of Bhutanese architecture and modern comforts.

Alentejo, Portugal

The medieval town of Évoramehdi33300, Adobe Stock

A less-visited region than bustling Lisbon or the touristy Algarve coast, Alentejo boasts serene landscapes of cork oak forests, vineyards, and ancient walled towns.

Why It’s Appealing: Vast vineyards, undulating plains, and historical sites without the usual tourist buzz.

Highlight: The medieval town of Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Suggested Stay: Convento do Espinheiro - A restored convent turned luxury hotel.

The Canadian Rockies

Tourist at Banff National Park, Alberta, CanadaMaridav, Adobe Stock

Outside of the peak tourist season, locations like Jasper and Banff offer introverts the serenity of lakes, mountains, and glaciers with the added appeal of cozy cabins and hot springs.

Why It’s Appealing: Dramatic landscapes combined with the comforting solitude of nature.

Highlight: Moraine Lake, a glacially-fed lake surrounded by mountains.

Suggested Stay: Emerald Lake Lodge - Rustic cabins amidst untouched wilderness.



Though it's a known luxury destination, its 115 islands have plenty of secluded beaches, allowing for personal paradise moments, away from the throngs of beachgoers.

Why It’s Appealing: Numerous secluded beaches, turquoise waters, and lush tropical forests.

Highlight: Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue island, often touted as one of the world's most beautiful beaches.

Suggested Stay: Six Senses Zil Pasyon - Private villas with ocean views.

Finnish Lapland

Finnish Laplandhelivideo, Adobe Stock

Experience the Northern Lights, engage in winter sports or simply relish the tranquility of snow-covered forests. Plus, the Finnish culture understands and respects the value of personal space and silence.

Why It’s Appealing: The hush of snow-covered forests, the mystical Northern Lights, and the culturally rich Sami people.

Highlight: The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort with its iconic glass igloos.

Suggested Stay: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort - Choose between log cabins, glass igloos, or a combination of both.

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, AustraliaFiledIMAGE, Adobe Stock

Away from Australia's bustling mainland, Tasmania's vast wilderness, rugged coastlines, and quaint towns offer an introvert's dream escape.

Why It’s Appealing: Rich in wilderness, wildlife encounters, and the feeling of being at the world’s edge.

Highlight: Freycinet National Park, with its iconic Wineglass Bay.

Suggested Stay: Saffire Freycinet - A luxurious resort offering unparalleled views of the Hazards Mountains.

Final Thoughts

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Being an introvert doesn't mean you don't have a zest for travel—it just means you might appreciate the road less traveled.

These destinations offer the perfect blend of awe-inspiring beauty and the serenity many introverts seek in a vacation. So pack your bags, and embrace the calm and wonder these places have to offer.


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