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Super Facts About Superman

“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape". -- Superman

Hailing from the planet of Krypton, Superman is the most iconic superhero in the world and is considered by many to be the father of all superheroes.

Here are a few facts you might not know about Superman.

46. Super Bargain

Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933, but the character didn’t appear in comics until he was sold in 1938 to DC Comics (then known as Detective Comics) for a cool $130. Even in 1938 dollars, that’s a cheap.


45. The Insecurity of Baldness

The original concept of Superman was as a bald telepathic villain hellbent on world domination. Basically the love child of Lex Luthor and Professor X.

Superman factsGetty Images

44. Let’s Have This Joint

Superman was originally only capable of being able to “leap tall buildings with a single bound". His ability to fly came about because, for the 1940s cartoon, it was difficult to animate him bending his knees to jump.

Superman factsFlickr, Ged Carroll

43. Flash Forward

Despite being able to fly faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, Superman is not faster than the Flash. In one comic, Barry Allen reminds Kal-El that, even though they've raced in the past, in the end, "I allowed you to participate and ultimately YOU CANNOT beat me in a race. Not now, not ever". Superman lacks the environmentally-protective speed-force aura,which makes him unable to move at his maximum without causing catastrophic environmental damage that would be caused by moving near light speed.

Superman factsFlickr, Steve Baker

42. Solar Powered

Superman’s powers are explained as him harnessing the solar radiation from our yellow sun. The reason he would have no powers on Krypton is because Krypton has a red sun. Apparently, Superman’s powers see color.

Superman factsPexels

41. Power Plant

Superman actually has no need to eat or breathe and can subsist off of solar radiation alone. Apparently, one of Superman’s powers is photosynthesis.

Superman factsPixabay

40. And He’s Spent

One of Superman’s latest powers is the Solar Flare, where he releases all the solar energy in his body at once, creating an explosion. He’s useless for 24 hours after this. He might be super, but he’s still a man.

Superman factsFlickr, Steven Cateris

39. Never-Undressed

Superman is protected by a bio-electric aura just above his skin that not only makes him invulnerable, but also keeps his clothes intact. Good thing too, because there’d be more than one fight that ended in him undressed and we must protect the innocence of the children.

Superman factsFlickr, BagoGames

38. Weak

Kryptonite was actually not in the original comics. It was invented for the 1940s radio show because the voice actor wanted some time off and they had to find a way to explain his absence.

Superman factsFlickr, Tim Evanson

37. Not Grammar Nazis

On that same radio show, Superman fought the Ku Klux Klan. Unfortunately, Superman never succeeded in teaching them how to properly spell the word “clan". Unrelated fact: the people who edited Adolf H.'s propaganda actually were "grammar Nazis".  Superman image - 2016DZjoker Chemseddine Lamrani, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

36. Monkey Business

Superman’s original arch-enemy wasn’t Lex Luthor, but was instead a telepathic ape named Ultra-Humanite. Honestly, Ultra-Humanite sounds less like a super-villain and more like a brand of luggage.

Superman factsPixabay

35. Small Packages

In a 1958 comic, Superman projected a miniature version of himself with all his powers. He tried to end the little version out of jealousy but ended up sacrificing himself to save his Mini-Me.

Superman factsPixabay

34. Once You Go Black

In the 1970s, there was an issue of the comics where Superman turned Lois Lane into a black woman for a day. Somehow, and only because he’s Superman, he managed to go back.

Superman factsFlickr, Joel Kramer

33. Superman Uncaged

In the 90s, Nicholas Cage was paid $20 million for a Tim Burton directed Superman that never got made.

Superman factsGetty Images

32. Son of Cage

Nicholas Cage did name his son Kal-El, after Superman’s Kryptonian name. Apparently $20 million is enough to inspire a name!

Nicolas Cage factsGetty Images

31. Flavors

Kryptonite came in many colors, each of which had different effects. Green kryptonite weakened Superman, Silver kryptonite got Superman high, while pink kryptonite was implied to make Superman gay (AKA more fabulous).

Superman factsPixabay

30. Kal-El Likes the L. L

Many of Superman’s romantic interests have had the initials L. L. This includes Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Lyla Lerrol. Against all odds, Lex Luthor and Superman haven’t yet hooked up.

Superman factsFlickr, Joel Kramer

29. Keeping it in the Family

Supergirl’s alter ego is actually Linda Lee. She's also superman's cousin. Could the "L. L". name pave the way for an incestuous fling--we're not sure if this sort of thing is frowned upon on Kypton.

Superman factsFlickr, Mike Ownby

28. Showing Face

It has been explained that Superman doesn’t wear a mask because he wants the public’s trust and people are less trustful of people who wear masks.

Superman factsPixabay

27. Superman But With Money

There is a version of Superman from an alternate universe who was raised by Bruce Wayne’s parents after Bruce Wayne passed.

Superman factsPixabay

26. Did German That Coming

There is also a version of Superman named Overman. His gimmick? He’s a German. With an oddly Jewish name. Cool.

Superman factsShutterstock

25. A Real Kryptonian Hero

Speaking of Nazis, they were not big fans of Superman as he was considered to be a hero emblematic of America propaganda during the battle. If only America remained as tolerant of immigrants.

Superman factsPixabay

24. A Hairy Situation

The original reason for Lex Luthor hating Superman is that Superman made him bald. They’ve since come up with better reasons, but we still like that one.

Superman factsJustice League, Warner Bros.

23. Once Bit, Twice Shy

Superman was once bitten by Dracula, but because Superman’s cells contain so much solar radiation, Dracula exploded.

Superman factsPixabay

22. An Educated Superman

With his photographic memory and super speed, Superman can absorb a PhD’s equivalent of knowledge in a matter of seconds. Yes. But does he understand it? Probably. He’s Superman.

Superman factsShutterstock

21. Young Love

Superman once went on a double date with Spiderman, which begs the question: How old were these girls? It’s either “Yay Spiderman,” or “Eww Superman".

Superman factsFlickr, marvelousRoland

19. Up to Bat

Batman has a piece of kryptonite entrusted to him by Superman in case Superman ever goes rogue.

Superman factsWikipedia

18. Hammer Time

Superman once held Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. He managed to lift it not because he’s Superman, but because he was deemed “worthy".

Thor factsShutterstock

17. That’s a Wrap

According to Martha Kent, they would wrap Superman’s Christmas gifts in lead so that he couldn’t get a sneak peek with his X-ray vision. We guess lead wrapping paper was just much more readily available in the 50s.

Superman factsPxHere

16. Eighty-Seven Years Sober

Superman doesn’t drink booze because a tipsy Superman would probably destroy cities.

Unsolved mysteriesShutterstock

15. He Had a Bad Day

In 1993, Superman was ended by the villain Doomsday.

Superman factsShutterstock

14. Curses!

Superman apparently comes with a curse. George Reeves committed self-immolation. Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in an equestrian accident. The baby who played Kal-El in 1978’s Superman passed at the age of 14. And Henry Cavill was cursed with blinding handsomeness.

Superman factsPixabay

13. Will the Real Clark Kent Please Stand Up

Clark Kent is also a character in the Marvel Universe where he is a mild-mannered reporter. And that’s it.

Superman factsShutterstock

12. Superman’s Best Friend

Superman has a dog named Krypto: The Superdog. The dog ended up getting his own animated series.

Superman factsWikipeida

11. BFFs

In the fiftieth issue of the comics, it was revealed that Thomas Wayne convinced Jor-El (Superman’s father) that Earth was the best place to send his son. We guess Thomas Wayne just wanted someone that his son could play with.

Superman factsPxHere

10. He is Money

The Royal Canadian Mint printed official coins of Superman in Canadian currency because Canadian money has, and always will be, weird.

Superman factsFlickr, Bob M

9. The Greatest

In a 1978 comic, Superman teamed up with Muhammad Ali to fend off an alien invasion. The book suffered so many delays that by the time the book was published, Ali was no longer World Heavyweight Champion, having been dethroned by Leon Spinks in February 1978. Perhaps reinvigorated after seeing himself fight alongside Superman, Ali won back the title later that year.

Muhammad Ali factsFlickr

8. Above Average Joe

Superman’s middle name is Joseph.

George Washington FactsShutterstock

7. Party in the Back

In the 90s, Superman wore a mullet. Even Superman wasn’t invulnerable to bad hair.

Superman factsFlickr, Valarie Apperson

6. It’s a Sign

Making an ‘S’ symbol on your chest is how you say “Superman” in American Sign Language. Making an ‘L’ on your forehead is not how you say Lex Luthor.

Superman factsFlickr, Gareth Simpson

5. Art Imitates Life

In 1945, the US government had to ‘cover up’ a Superman comic about scientists splitting the atom to create an atomic explosion as scientists at the Manhattan Project were working on the real thing. The Manhattan Project factsWikipedia

4. Nice Fantasy

In one of the comics, Superman renounces his American citizenship to fight American foreign policy. Didn’t work.

Superman factsPixabay

3. Me Time

Superman’s secret headquarters is called the Fortress of Solitude. Sometimes a guy just needs a little alone time.

Superman factsFlickr, whatleydude

2. Kids Are Stupid

George Reeves, who played Superman in the 1950s, once convinced a young fan not to shoot him in the chest with a pistol by telling him that the bullets could ricochet and hurt someone else. George Reeves factsAdventures of Superman (1952–1958), Warner Bros. Television

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