July 5, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Tips For Camping In Comfort

Camping is a wonderful way to get closer to mother nature, but it can also get really uncomfortable. Fortunately, with just a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to bed down in the forest with a lot more confidence and comfort. Keep these tips in mind to avoid stress on your next camping trip.

Choose The Right Campsite


One of the most important aspects of camping is pitching your tent in the right spot. Try to find a place that has some shade and level ground. If there is any elevated ground at the campsite, that would also be a good spot for your tent in the event of rain. Avoid places that have lots of flies or gnats and, if possible, choose a sight with a fire pit. If you make your reservation online, you might not get to check out the campsite beforehand, but you should at least be able to find some level ground when you arrive. For the most comfort, try booking at a campground that has amenities like bathrooms, charging stations, and picnic tables.

Get The Right Gear


Camping is a lot more fun when you’re not shivering in the cold or sleeping on the hard ground. So, make sure you pack the right gear. For starters, your tent should be big enough to accommodate you and all your guests. It should also be durable enough to withstand harsh elements like strong wind or heavy rain. Pack weather-appropriate clothing like waterproof boots, rain gear, and sweaters. For bedtime, pack a sleeping bag or cot. To stay warm at night, you need something between you and the ground. Sleeping bags are great for staying snug during the night, while a cot will keep you off the ground entirely. And, if you want to be extra cozy, bring a pillow or two from home.

Stock Up Your Camp Kitchen


Having the right utensils and tasty food are effortless ways to improve your camping experience. To make wilderness cooking easier, bring a cutting board, sharp knife, and cooler along with other basic items like bowls and cutlery. With a cooler, you can stock up on delicious meat, cheese, veggies, and drinks. You can also prep meals at home and store them safely in the cooler until dinnertime at the campsite. And with a camp kettle or portable coffee press, you don’t have to forego your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Just because you're out in the woods doesn’t mean you have to scrimp and scrounge for food.

Camping in a tent does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. With the right gear and a level spot, your time in the great outdoors will be a lot more comfortable.


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