The Best All-Inclusive Resorts Where Kids Stay Free

Discover 10 amazing vacation resorts where kids can eat and stay for free. From tropical destinations with water parks to rustic lodges with bowling alleys, these resorts are not just family-friendly, they're budget-friendly too.
May 23, 2024 Peter Kinney

Tips for Travelling With Your Dog

Uncover 22 tips for traveling with your dog. From choosing airlines and hotels to what to pack and where to go, this guide will help you plan your next vacation with your pup.
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front view of maid holding pile of folded towels near bed and looking at camera in hotel room

9 Urban Myths About Hotels That Are False—And 4 That Are True

Going to a hotel can be an unsettling experience. No matter how much you pay, you can never quite know what you’re going to get. Disturbing stories about filthy hotel rooms and bed bugs abound—but are they really that common? Let’s break down some of the wildest urban myths about hotels.
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Bernard Diaz split with the Cecil Hotel

7 Unsolved Hotel Mysteries

Unfortunately, hotels have often been sites of tragedy and mystery—and these real-life horror stories are proof.
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The Royal Plaza

The Three Most Beautiful Hotel Rooms In The World

Offering peaceful seclusion, world-class customer service, and spectacular views, these are three of the most beautiful hotel rooms in the world.
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The Top Four Hotels In Las Vegas 

With its bright lights and replicas of world monuments, the Las Vegas Strip is an enchanting destination. Its hotels, in particular, are out of this world.
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