July 6, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

The Top Four Cruise Ships In The World

With stellar customer service, abundant amenities, and the ability to visit several destinations in one trip, it’s no wonder why cruising is so popular. If you’re looking to sail the seven seas in style, then hop aboard one of these magnificent cruise ships.

Royal Princess

Royal Princess Cruise ShipShutterstock

Whether you’re looking for good theater, fun pajama parties, or a chance to relax in a soothing sauna, Royal Princess has activities for everyone. In addition to the fun that can be had on the ship itself, visitors have left rave reviews about all the excursions that are available at the ship’s port of call in Skagway, Alaska. You can choose from over 50 adventures, including an Alaskan cooking class, gold panning, and a historical tour of the town.

Silver Muse

Silver Muse Cruise ShipShutterstock

Modeled after luxurious hotels in Milan, Silver Muse doesn’t offer just any old stateroom—all the cabins on this cruise liner are suites. During your time on this ship, you will be treated like royalty with all-inclusive amenities and spectacular food. With more than eight places to eat on board, you’ll get to experience world-class delicacies like Wagyu beef and round-the-clock caviar delivered by butlers.

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 Cruise ShipShutterstock

With its regal décor and unique amenities, Queen Mary 2 attracts travelers of all ages. During the day you can try your hand at some fencing, explore space with a planetarium show, or indulge your inner monarch with fancy afternoon tea. In the evening, you can get your groove on at the Queen’s Room, which is the largest ballroom aboard any cruise ship. You can also catch chill vibes with a jazz performance at the Carinthia Lounge or get a taste of authentic fish and chips at the ship’s English pub, the Golden Lion.

Star Legend

Star Legend Cruise ShipShutterstock

With a maximum capacity of 312 passengers, Star Legend is much smaller than the other top cruise ships. But that works to its advantage because you can get a more personalized voyage on this ship. With granite bathtubs, queen-sized beds, and French balconies, the all-suite cabins on Star Legend are the perfect mix of comfort and luxury. One of the highlights of this ship is the ease with which you can make dinner reservations. If you give the chef a day’s notice, he’ll whip up any delicacy you want. Along with spectacular dining options, this ship also has lots of cool activities for you to try out. With kayaks, paddleboards, and barbeques on-deck, Star Legend truly lives up to its name.


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