October 20, 2023 | Sammy Tran

15 Ridiculous Rules at Resorts

Ridiculous Rules at Resorts

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Ah, resorts! Those paradises of relaxation, recreation, and...regulations? Yes, even the most luxurious havens have their quirks. Some of them come in the form of strange rules that will make you scratch your head.

Across the world, some of the most renowned vacation destinations have the quirkiest of rules to ensure the exclusivity (or, sometimes, the sheer whimsicality) of their environment. 

Sure, you'd expect no noise after 10 pm or perhaps a dress code for dining. But how about a ban on red swimsuits or a veto on high heels? 

Before you scoff and decide it's all a bit too 'extra', dive in with us as we journey through the labyrinths of luxury and explore some of the most eyebrow-raising, laugh-inducing rules that some resorts firmly stand by. Who knows, you might just find these absurdities adding to the charm!

Here are 15 of the most ridiculous rules we've ever heard of from resorts worldwide.

No Roosters Allowed

Chickens in the yardEngin Akyurt, Pexels

Where: Capella Ubud, Bali

The Rule: Guests can't bring roosters to their tents.

The Why: Probably to prevent any impromptu cockfights or, more likely, to keep the serene ambiance uninterrupted by unexpected crowing at dawn.

No Oversized Inflatables

nflatable crocodile in a suitcase.Getty Images

Where: Atlantis, The Bahamas

The Rule: Those gigantic flamingo floaties? Leave 'em at home.

The Why: With all their epic water slides and river rides, they probably don't want your giant unicorn blocking the way.

No Whistling

Weird House Rules FactsShutterstock

Where: Beverly Hills Hotel, USA

The Rule: Whistling is frowned upon in the corridors.

The Why: To maintain an atmosphere of utmost tranquility. That, or maybe there’s a particularly grumpy guest who just can't stand a cheery tune.


No Feeding the Seagulls

Man is feeding the seagulls.Tapas Das, Pexels

Where: Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

The Rule: Don't even think about tossing a fry to those birds.

The Why: It's an establishment with a world-famous seaside dining cavern. A flock of pesky seagulls doesn't quite match the romantic ambiance they're going for.

No Reserving Sunbeds with Towels

The Rudest Guests Of All TimePexels

Where: Club Exelsior, Turkey

The Rule: Wake up early and think you can snag the best poolside spot with your towel? Think again.

The Why: They want to keep it fair and square for all the sun worshippers. No more sprinting to the pool at dawn!

No Cell Phones at the Pool

Judge Judy factsFlickr ,Leo Reynolds

Where: Rancho Valencia, USA

The Rule: Leave your tech in your room.

The Why: A serene pool experience is hard to achieve when someone next to you is loudly complaining about their stock portfolio.

No Kids Allowed

Two kids playing at the beachParty people studio, Shutterstock

Where: Ponta dos Ganchos, Brazil

The Rule: This resort has a strict no-kids policy.

The Why: It's a romantic getaway spot aiming to keep the ambiance mature and relaxing. Sorry, little ones!

No Ripped Jeans

Blue ripped jeansPixabay, Pexels

Where: The Ritz London, UK

The Rule: Even if they're designer and cost more than a small car, no ripped jeans allowed.

The Why: They're all about maintaining a classical, elegant ambiance. Ripped denim doesn't quite fit the "ritz" bill.

No Playing Monopoly

People messed upPexels

Where: Claridge’s, London

The Rule: Guests are not allowed to play Monopoly in the lobby or their rooms.

The Why: Rumor has it that a legendary game once took place that resulted in a heated argument among wealthy guests. To prevent any board game-induced scuffles, the hotel decided it's best to keep Monopoly away.


No Red Swimwear

Red swimsuit by the poolluengo_ua, Adobe Stock

Where: The Library, Thailand

The Rule: The resort has a famous red-tiled pool, but guests are prohibited from wearing red swimsuits.

The Why: It's a matter of aesthetics. Red swimwear would clash with the uniquely colored tiles, disrupting the resort's carefully curated visual ambiance.

No Shouting Across the Canyons

Die A Little Inside factsShutterstock

Where: Amangiri, Utah, USA

The Rule: As tempting as it might be, guests are advised not to shout or make loud noises in the surrounding canyons.

The Why: The resort prides itself on being a sanctuary of tranquility amidst nature. Also, shouting can disrupt the wildlife and echo substantially in the vast open space.

No Cameras at the Statues

Creepy Moments Shutterstock

Where: The Mulia, Bali

The Rule: No photos are allowed near specific sacred statues around the resort.

The Why: It's all about respect. These statues hold cultural and religious significance, and the resort aims to uphold the sanctity and respect they command.

No Hot Beverages in Rooms

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Where: Icehotel, Sweden

The Rule: Leave that steaming cup of cocoa in the lounge.

The Why: It's an Icehotel. A hot drink can damage the carefully sculpted icy interiors. And nobody wants to sleep in a puddle.

No Professional Cameras

Professional wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom in gardenVolodymyr_Shtun, Shutterstock

Where: Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The Rule: Unless you've booked a pricey professional photo shoot package, professional-grade cameras aren't allowed.

The Why: To maintain the exclusivity and privacy of its ultra-luxe surroundings. Plus, maybe they want to keep those jaw-dropping interiors a bit mysterious?

No High Heels

Lawyers ridiculous casesUnsplash

Where: Taj Lake Palace, India

The Rule: High heels are not allowed within the premises.

The Why: The stunning marble floors of this iconic hotel are centuries old and a testament to its rich history. High heels might damage the flooring, so they're a no-go.


Final Thoughts

Travel agent meetingDragana Gordic, Adobe Stock

So, there you have it! While these rules might seem odd, they each add a touch of character to these resorts. Just remember to double-check the guidelines before you pack those ripped jeans or bring your pet rooster along on your next luxury escape. 

Safe travels!