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The Best Tobogganing Hills in Vermont

A Winter Wonderland in Vermont: Top Tobogganing Spots

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Vermont, with its picturesque landscapes and snowy winters, is a haven for tobogganing enthusiasts. From the gentle slopes for beginners to thrilling runs for the more adventurous, the Green Mountain State offers some of the best tobogganing spots in the Northeast. 

Let’s slide into the top 10 tobogganing destinations in Vermont, each offering a unique experience for winter fun.

Mount Philo State Park – Charlotte

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Location: Charlotte, Vermont

Nestled in Charlotte, Mount Philo State Park is a favorite for families. The park boasts a moderate hill that’s ideal for tobogganing, providing a safe yet exciting experience. Its accessibility and stunning views of the Lake Champlain Valley make it a top choice for a day of winter fun.

Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center – Grafton

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Location: Grafton, Vermont

Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center offers more than just cross-country skiing; its tobogganing hill is a hidden gem. The well-maintained slope, coupled with the center's other winter activities, makes it a perfect spot for a full day of outdoor adventure.

Lowell Lake State Park – Londonderry

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Location: Londonderry, Vermont

Lowell Lake State Park in Londonderry provides a more secluded tobogganing experience. The park’s natural terrain features gentle slopes that are excellent for all ages. The serene setting of Lowell Lake adds to the charm and tranquility of a winter day out.

Smugglers' Notch Resort – Jeffersonville

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Location: Jeffersonville, Vermont

Smugglers' Notch Resort isn't just for skiers; its toboggan run is thrilling and well-designed. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, the resort offers an exhilarating tobogganing experience with the added convenience of nearby amenities.

Casey’s Hill – Underhill

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Location: Underhill, Vermont

Casey’s Hill in Underhill is a local favorite, known for its long, smooth runs. The hill provides enough thrill for tobogganing enthusiasts while being safe for younger sliders. It's the perfect spot for those looking for an authentic Vermont tobogganing experience.

Hubbard Park – Montpelier

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Location: Montpelier, Vermont

Hubbard Park, located in Vermont's capital, Montpelier, offers a picturesque setting for tobogganing. The park's hill is not overly steep, making it ideal for families and beginners. Plus, its proximity to the city center makes it a convenient choice for a quick winter escape.

Okemo Mountain Resort – Ludlow

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Location: Ludlow, Vermont

Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, while famed for skiing, also has excellent tobogganing spots. The resort’s designated tobogganing areas are well-maintained, offering a safe and enjoyable experience with the added luxury of resort amenities.

Knight’s Point State Park – North Hero

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Location: North Hero, Vermont

Knight’s Point State Park on North Hero Island provides a unique tobogganing experience with views of Lake Champlain. The park’s gentle slopes are perfect for a leisurely toboggan ride, especially for those looking for a less crowded spot.

The Quechee Club – Quechee

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Location: Quechee, Vermont

The Quechee Club offers one of the best-organized tobogganing experiences in Vermont. With designated areas for different winter sports, tobogganers can enjoy their runs without interference. The club’s facilities make it a great option for a full day of winter activities.

Cochran’s Ski Area – Richmond

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Location: Richmond, Vermont

Cochran’s Ski Area may be known for skiing, but its tobogganing slopes are not to be overlooked. The area offers a family-friendly atmosphere with slopes suitable for all ages, making it an ideal spot for beginners and those with young children.

Final Thoughts

person riding on snowboard in winter on a mountainFede Roveda, Pexels

Vermont’s diverse landscape makes it an ideal destination for tobogganing enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-filled ride or a gentle slope for family fun, these top 10 spots in Vermont offer the perfect mix of excitement and scenic beauty for your winter adventures.


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