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10 Stunning Resorts for Destination Weddings

10 Stunning Resorts for Destination Weddings You May Not Have Considered... Yet

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When it comes to saying, “I do,” more couples are choosing the allure of exotic landscapes and unforgettable backdrops.

From beachside vows to historic city landscapes, here are the ten most enchanting places around the globe to have a destination wedding.

Maui, Hawaii

Bride and groom on beachabelena, Adobe Stock

Wailea Beach Resort | $$$$ 

Capacity: Up to 500 Guests

Maui offers a serene backdrop of lush gardens, waterfalls, and pristine beaches for picturesque nuptials, all bathed in a tropical, relaxed atmosphere, enhanced by luxury resorts and a plethora of activities for guests.

Santorini, Greece

Wedding set upCanaves Oia Santorini Resort

Canaves Oia Hotel | $$$$ 

Capacity: Up to 100 Guests

Santorini, with its iconic white buildings, deep blue sea, and dramatic sunsets, creates a stunning, romantic atmosphere, enriched by the warm, vibrant local culture.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Wedding venueBelmond Hotel, Castello di Casole

Castello di Casole | $$$$ 

Capacity: Up to 200 Guests

Tuscany, with its rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves, offers a timeless, rustic elegance and charm, complemented by exquisite food, wine, and breathtaking landscapes.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand Wedding set up Trisara

Trisara Phuket | $$$ 

Capacity: Up to 150 Guests

Phuket, a tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and exotic beaches, features luxury resorts providing impeccable service and unique Thai experiences.

Cancun, Mexico

Beach wedding  Le Blanc Spa Resort

Le Blanc Spa Resort | $$$ 

Capacity: Up to 400 Guests

Cancun boasts beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and luxury all-inclusive resorts, coupled with a warm climate and friendly locals ensuring a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Wedding venue in italyBelmond

Belmond Hotel Caruso | $$$$ 

Capacity: Up to 100 Guests

The Amalfi Coast, with its colorful coastal towns and dramatic cliffs, offers a blend of luxury, beauty, and Italian charm, making it a sought-after location for intimate, romantic ceremonies.

Bali, Indonesia

Wedding in indonesiaAyana Estate

Ayana Resort and Spa | $$$ 

Capacity: Up to 80 Guests

Bali offers a mystical and enchanting atmosphere with its exotic landscapes, vibrant culture, and luxurious resorts, alongside beautiful beaches and lush jungles providing various picturesque settings.

The Bahamas

Wedding in bahamasAtlantis Paradise Island

The Cove Atlantis | $$$ 

Capacity: Up to 350 Guests

The Bahamas, with its beautiful beaches, vibrant local culture, and luxury accommodations, ensure a fun and memorable experience for wedding guests.

Paris, France

Bride and groom in parisBen & Hope Photography, Shangri-La Paris

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris | $$$$ 

Capacity: Up to 500 Guests

Paris, the “City of Love,” offers a sophisticated setting with its iconic landmarks, charming streets, and exquisite cuisine, representing the epitome of romance and elegance.


Bride and groom dancing on waterLikuliku Lagoon Resort 

Likuliku Lagoon Resort | $$$$ 

Capacity: Up to 90 Guests

Fiji’s secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for intimate ceremonies, with friendly and hospitable locals adding warmth to the celebrations.

Final Thoughts

bridge and groom in wedding wear standing next to each otherTrung Nguyen, Pexels

Whether you dream of a tropical allure of Fiji or the rustic elegance of Tuscany, each of these destinations offers unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes, promising to make your special day truly unforgettable.

The varied capacities and price points ensure there’s a perfect spot for every couple, whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration.


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