September 29, 2023 | Mathew Burke

10 Unusual Items People Bring on Their Travels

10 Weird Things People Bring on Vacation

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The quest for travel comfort and preparedness has led many adventurers to pack items that might seem odd to the average traveler. From portable door locks to inflatable footrests, travelers have found peculiar solutions to common travel nuisances.

Here are 10 unusual, yet at times ingenious, items that find their way into travelers' luggage, exploring the reasoning behind each quirky choice.

Portable Door Lock

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Some travelers, prioritizing their security in unfamiliar accommodations, choose to pack a portable door lock. This handy device can add an extra layer of security to hotel rooms or rented spaces, particularly in locations known for break-ins.

Inflatable Footrest

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Long-haul flights can be strenuous, prompting some travelers to pack inflatable footrests. These devices help maintain blood circulation and reduce leg swelling, making for a more comfortable journey, especially in economy seats.

Duct Tape

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Known for its versatility, duct tape is a popular item among the adventurous. Whether it’s for emergency repairs on clothing, bags, or even shoes, this robust adhesive can be a lifesaver in many travel-related predicaments.


Sink Stopper


For those who prefer handwashing their clothes while traveling, a universal sink stopper is essential. It enables travelers to easily convert any sink into a miniature washing basin, a practical solution for extended trips.

Doorstop Alarm

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A combination of safety and utility, a doorstop alarm not only blocks the door from opening but also emits a loud alarm if someone tries to enter, offering peace of mind to solo travelers or those staying in less secure accommodations.

Travel Hammock


For the spontaneous and the outdoorsy, a lightweight, packable hammock can provide a comfortable place to relax, whether in a secluded woodland or a sunny beach, turning any stop into a potential rest spot.

Humidifier Stick

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Travelers prone to respiratory issues in dry hotel rooms often pack portable humidifier sticks, transforming any standard water bottle into a personal humidifier, aiding better sleep and comfort in varying climates.

Collapsible Water Bottle

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Space is precious, and collapsible water bottles are a quirky yet practical solution for staying hydrated without the bulk, expanding and contracting as needed, ensuring travelers are always ready for a sip.

Solar-Powered Charger

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Tech-savvy eco-travelers sometimes opt for a solar-powered charger, harnessing the sun's energy to power their gadgets, a particularly useful item for camping trips or destinations with limited access to electricity.


Bed Sheet Sleeping Bag

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Hygiene-conscious travelers often bring bed sheet sleeping bags, a lightweight alternative to regular sleeping bags, providing a clean layer between themselves and hotel bedding or for overnight journeys on trains or buses.

Final Thoughts

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People's travel packing can reveal a fascinating array of preferences, priorities, and ingenious solutions to common travel inconveniences. Whether it’s ensuring safety, maximizing comfort, maintaining hygiene, or preparing for the unexpected, travelers go to great lengths, packing items that may seem unusual but serve a purpose in their journey.

So, next time you stumble upon a peculiar item in a fellow traveler's bag, remember, it might just be their secret to a more enjoyable trip!