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The Sasak People of Indonesia

Discover the Sasak people of Indonesia. With a rich and unique blend of religion and traditions, this indigenous community lives a simple lifestyle without modern amenities. From rice farming to basket fishing, find out how they sustain their traditional way of life whilst also catering to tourism.
May 27, 2024 Allison Robertson

Top World Heritage Sites Across the Globe

Uncover 34 of the top World Heritage Sites across the globe. Dedicated to preservation and protection, find out why these historical and naturally beautiful places have earned a spot on the list of most important places on Earth.
May 23, 2024 Allison Robertson

25 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Discover 25 of the best places to visit in Europe. From iconic monuments to breathtaking cities, Europe stands as the most popular vacation spot in the world attracting over half of all tourists.
May 22, 2024 Allison Robertson

The Best Sandbars in the US

Discover 15 of the best sandbars within the United States. From epic boat parties to relaxing solitudes, there's a sandy paradise for everyone.
May 16, 2024 Miles Brucker

The Most Visited Countries in the World

Uncover the top 10 most visited countries in the world. Dive into global statistics regarding pre-pandemic and post-pandemic travel as well as the top countries with the most visitors. Find out how many people are back to traveling, and where they're going.
May 15, 2024 Allison Robertson

Top Travel Hacks of 2024

Uncover 38 travel hacks that will help make planning your next trip easier. From racking up airline points and choosing the right credit card, to where to sit on the plane and when to fly, these lesser-known tips will not only save you time, but money as well.
May 14, 2024 Peter Kinney