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Ufo Itnernal

UFO Sightings in the United States

Discover 40 alleged UFO sightings in the United States. From descriptive observations, genuine photographs, and claims of physical alien interactions, find out how many notable extraterrestrial stories are circulating America dating back from the 1800s to as recent as 2023.
May 14, 2024 Allison Robertson

The 10 Best Mother's Day Weekend Trips in the U.S.

Discover 10 of the best places to go for a Mother's Day weekend trip. From the sunny beaches of Florida to the charming streets of South Carolina, this list offers ideas Mom will surely love.
May 9, 2024 Peter Kinney

Worst Natural Disasters in U.S. History

Discover 6 of the worst natural disasters to strike the United States. From hurricanes and flooding to earthquakes and wildfires, find out which events devastated the nation including witness accounts, fatalities, and total cost damages.
April 1, 2024 Allison Robertson
Alligator Attacks Internal

Alligator Attacks in the United States

Uncover 45 fatal alligator attacks that have happened in the United States. From young toddler tourists to elderly retirees, find out just how often people tragically lose their lives to these dangerous and aggressive animals.
March 20, 2024 Allison Robertson
US Mottos

Every State's Motto—Do You Know Yours?

Every state in America has a motto, and some of them are even well-known. Others...not so much. Are you sure you know what yours is?
March 14, 2024 Dancy Mason

The Freest Countries in the World

Discover how freedom ranks around the world, with the top 10 freest countries as well as the least free countries. Find out how this is determined and what defines freedom.
March 6, 2024 Allison Robertson