June 19, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Top Five Pet-Friendly Hotels In The United States

You don’t have to skimp on luxury if you are traveling with a four-legged friend. These amazing hotels want your pets to have as much fun as you and the rest of the family. And, unlike other ritzy properties, they won’t charge extra fees for Rover’s bed. Check out the top five pet-friendly hotels in the United States.

Kimpton Sylvan Hotel—Atlanta

Kimpton Sylvan HotelKimpton Hotels

Nobody does “pet-friendly” quite like a Kimpton hotel. As long as your animal companion can fit through the door, they’ve got a place at Kimpton. The hotel stands by this policy, and has welcomed a variety of pets including llamas, penguins, and ostriches. The Kimpton Sylvan Hotel in Atlanta is one of the brand’s best establishments, with lots of indoor and outdoor recreational spaces and many opportunities for your pet to join in on the fun. From wine tours to poolside drinks and everything in between, your animal companion never has to leave your side. And with an abundance of comfortable beds, gourmet treats, and all the food they can scarf down, Kimpton always ensures that your pet is as comfortable as you.

The Line DC—Washington, D.C.

The Line DCThe Line Hotels

The Line is a wonderful place for those who like modernist architecture and plenty of opportunities to enjoy vibrant nightlife. It is also a great place to bring your furry friends. This hotel only accepts dogs and cats but there are no weight or breed limits. There are also no limits when it comes to accessing the hotel’s supply of treats, courtesy bags, and water bowls. The Line is right next to the energetic Adams Morgan neighborhood, which is full of pet-friendly parks, walking trails, and restaurants.

The Charleston Place—Charleston

The Charleston PlaceThe Charleston Place

The Charleston Place is a charming hotel located in the city’s historic district. They welcome any type of animal companion and have no weight or breed restrictions, which makes them one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the country. At The Charleston Place, your pet is in for a world of pampering with decorative treats and stylish accessories from Foggy Dog. There are lots of pet-friendly places nearby, including the Riley Waterfront Park. You and your furry friend can also enjoy delectable homemade pasta and grilled meats with a visit to one of the area’s best pet-friendly restaurants, La Farfalle.

Virgin Hotel—New Orleans

Virgin Hotel, New OrleansVirgin Hotels

Virgin Hotels is another pet-friendly chain that is open to any kind of animal friend. When you check in, your pet will be gifted a welcome package with complimentary food and water bowls, a plush bed, and a nifty Virgin Hotels bandana. At the New Orleans property, your four-legged friend can accompany you to The Pool Club and the Funny Library Coffee Shop. There are also many pet-friendly restaurants nearby, including Ruby Slipper Café and Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant.

Kimpton La Peer Hotel—Los Angeles

KImpton La PeerKimpton Hotels

This West Hollywood Kimpton hotel is ready to give your pet the star treatment. Relax with your furry friend by the pool or let them accompany you to the evening social hour, where they’ll get complimentary treats while you sip fine wine. You can also bring them to the hotel’s rooftop restaurant and a pet-inspired art installation by David Heise. The world-famous Santa Monic Boulevard is nearby and is a beautiful place to go for a walk. The whole area is very pet-friendly and your four-legged friend is sure to get lots of cuddles and good vibes from the locals.


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