July 4, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Destination Of The Day: Sydney

With its enchanting harbor and iconic structures, it is no surprise that Sydney is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city is full of modern attractions and historical sites that offer great opportunities for entertainment and sightseeing. If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, be sure to check out these popular places.

The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera HouseShutterstock

The incomparable architectural design of the Sydney Opera House has made it one of the world’s most popular icons. This magnificent building hosts a concert hall and several restaurants, theaters, and exhibition rooms. In addition to catching a live performance, you can take a guided tour of the Opera House to learn more about its fascinating history. You can also snap some great photos while you’re there, especially if you stop by Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, which is carved into sandstone outside the Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour BridgeShutterstock

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another famous structure, and the longest steel arch bridge in the world. There are many ways to see the bridge, including a harbor cruise or train ride, but the most memorable way to experience it is with a trek to the top. There are several tours available to guide you all the way to the top of the bridge’s outer arch. The walk will take about three and a half hours to complete, but it’s well worth it for the breathtaking view of the city below.

The Rocks

The Rocks, SydneyShutterstock

The Rocks is an area steeped in history. Prior to being Australia’s first European settlement, this region was the homeland of the Aboriginal Gadigal people. When the Europeans first arrived, they landed on the rocky west coast of the Sydney Harbour and gave the area its moniker. The Rocks are now home to over 100 heritage buildings and dozens of restaurants, cafes, and shops. While you’ll have a good time exploring these picturesque cobblestone streets on your own, a guided tour is great for learning more about The Rocks and Aboriginal heritage in Sydney. You can also check out The Rocks Discovery Museum and purchase homemade goods at the local market.

The Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden, SydneyShutterstock

If you’re looking for a little peace in amongst the din of the city, head over to the Royal Botanic Garden. Located near the Opera House, the Royal Botanic Garden is a sprawling paradise with dozens of themed gardens to explore. It is home to hundreds of different species of plants and foliage including orchids, begonias, roses, and palm trees. If you are interested in learning more about all the different plants, there are several options for guided tours of the garden. A tour is also great for getting to know more about the Gadigal people and their traditional methods of land management.

Sydney may have started out as a European penal colony, but it has grown to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Add these sites to your itinerary for an unforgettable trip down under.

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