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12 Abandoned Resorts Around the World

Abandoned Resorts

Beautiful places where pampered people once rested their heads in relaxation are now rotting beneath dirt and grime. Stunning architectural wonders that once boomed with tourists are now crumbling into forgotten ruins.

Here are 12 of the world’s most astounding abandoned resorts.

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Chacaltaya Ski Resort – Milluni, Bolivia

Chacaltaya was once the world’s highest ski resort. At 17,519 feet above sea level, it was also home to the highest restaurant in the world—and still holds this record today.

Chacaltaya (Bolivia) used to be the world's highest ski resort - 2015Aleah Phils, Flickr

Chacaltaya Ski Resort: Main Attraction

Opening in the late 1930s, the resort’s main attraction was the stunning ski slopes of the 18,000-year-old Chacaltaya Glacier.

The former ski resort at Chacaltaya mountain, outside of La Paz - 2012World Bank Photo Collection, Flickr

Chacaltaya Ski Resort: Abandoned

Sadly, by 2009, the glacier had completely melted and the skiers naturally stopped going. Since then, the resort was shut down and completely abandoned, yet still sits eerily in place.

Chacaltaya, the world's highest ski resort - 2007.Ville Miettinen, Flickr

Chacaltaya Ski Resort: Today

Tourists can still visit the mountaintop resort, but the focus has shifted from skiing to exploring the remains of the building.

The Mount Chacaltaya at 5,421 meters - 2019Elias Rovielo, Flickr

Ghost Palace Hotel—Baturiti, Indonesia

Situated in the highlands of Bali, the massive luxury resort was built in the 1990s and was seemingly abandoned on the eve of its opening.

The territory of an abandoned hotel Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort on Bali in Indonesia.Alex Vog, Shutterstock

Ghost Palace Hotel: Abandoned

Formally known as the PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort, it is believed that the real estate developer became cursed due to his corrupt business practices and subsequently went bankrupt.

Indonesia, Bali island: Old thrown P. I. Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & ResortDenisShumov, Shutterstock

Ghost Palace Hotel: Haunted

Another story tells of a fully operational hotel filled with workers and guests, all of whom suddenly disappeared in one night, leaving ghosts and demons to stalk the hotel’s empty corridors.

There are numerous tales of paranormal activity lurking in the shadows ever since.

A woman walked into an abandoned hotel in Bali. They called Ghost Palace, located at Bedugul Bali - 2017Lisa Jawa, Shutterstock

Maya Hotel—Kobe, Japan

Built in 1929, the Maya Hotel, perched on the side of Mount Maya, has been abandoned and reborn multiple times.

Maya abandoned Hotel - 2012Gohachiyasu1214 ,CC-BY-SA-4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Maya Hotel—Destroyed

Known for its Western Art Deco architecture, the Maya Hotel was once used as a pawn in WWII, storing military supplies in its roof. It eventually was targeted and most destroyed.

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Maya_Kank%C5%8D_Hotel-2012-05.jpgGohachiyasu1214 ,CC-BY-SA-4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Maya Hotel—Damaged

After the war, the hotel was sold to a private owner who repaired it and reopened it in 1961. However, six years later it was destroyed once again in a typhoon. It was reopened one last time in 1974 as a student center, but was rarely used.

Maya Kanko Hotel - circa 1929Unknown Author, Wikimedia Commons

Maya Hotel—Abandoned

In 1995, the final nail in the coffin came when the Great Awaji Earthquake, responsible for the loss of 6,000 lives, badly damaged the building once again. It was then sealed up and became quickly overgrown with foliage.

It is now known as one of Japan’s most iconic abandoned places.

Maya abandoned Hotel - 2012Gohachiyasu1214 ,CC-BY-SA-4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Deertrail Resort—British Columbia, Canada

Deertrail Resort is located on 160-acres of land on a stunning cliff on Vancouver Island. The lodge was a known retreat for those drawn to the lush landscape and quiet outdoors.

Abandoned Deer trail Resort Aerial view - 2019poemnist, Shutterstock

Deertrail Resort—Luxurious

A local developer purchased the land and began construction right away with over 200-luxury rooms, a pool and spa, and in-house shopping outlets. Complete with the Canada’s largest log-burning fireplace and a massive winding staircase, the resort cost an obscene amount of money.

Deertrail Resort ruins - 2016rhymeswithbombs, Flickr

Deertrail Resort—Abandoned

Unfortunately, the expenses were far higher than the developer expected, and what had been built of the resort was left to crumble. In 2004, the resort was stripped down to the stonework and now remains nothing but abandoned ruins today.

Deertrail Resort ruins - 2016rhymeswithbombs, Flickr

Haludovo Palace Hotel—Malinska, Croatia

On the beautiful beaches of Croatia lies a crumbling 1970s sci-fi movie set-looking palace. What was once a high-end destination luxury resort (which included a penthouse and a casino) eventually lost its sparkle.

Haludovo - Palace Hotel, Malinska - 2014Usien, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Haludovo Palace Hotel—Abandoned

After war broke out in the 1990s, the area was less attractive to tourists and the resort could no longer keep up with the costs of running the place. It was abandoned and left to rot in its place—and remains that way today.

The Haludovo Palace Hotel is an abandoned resort hotel on the Croatian island Krk north of Malinska - 2018Nine LaMaitre, Flickr

Hotel Monte Palace—São Miguel, Portugal

Built in the 1980s, Hotel Monte Palace is perched on an isolated mountaintop and was once a five-star tourist destination with restaurants, bars, a bank, and a nightclub, overlooking a picturesque lake.

Abandoned, Hotel Monte Palace.ajay_suresh, Flickr

Hotel Monte Palace—Challenging

The only problem with this resort was that it was very challenging to get to. This eventually led to a decrease in visitors, and not enough money to continue to operate.

The Monte Palace abandoned hotel on Sao Miguel in the Azores - 2018Travel4Brews, Flickr

Hotel Monte Palace—Abandoned

A little over a year after its opening, the Hotel Monte Palace closed its doors. For about a decade, the halls were patrolled by guards with dogs, but after their payment stopped, so did they.

Since then, the grounds have become a popular place for tourists to explore the abandoned ruins.

Abandoned Hotel Monte Palace - 2016Enric Rubio Ros, Flickr

Puerto Azul—Ternate, Philippines

The Puerto Azul Golf and Country Club was once a lush pleasure destination where people from all over the globe came to enjoy its tropical amenities.

Puerto Azul Hotel and Apartments - 2016TimOve, Flickr

Puerto Azul—Famous

During the 1980s, the resort was famed as “The Golf Capital of the World,” and “Asia’s Paradise Resort”. At full working capacity, the resort had more than 300 rooms spread out in little clusters forming their own village areas.

TPC Dorado Beach golf courses Dorado Puerto Rico - 2009EgorovaSvetlana, CC-BY-SA-4.0, Wikimedia Commons.

Puerto Azul—Abandoned

Eventually, the allure had passed, and the resort slowly saw less and less visitors. On top of that, the resort experienced legal troubles and several parts of the resort had to be shut down.

Abandoned Resort Hotel - 2012Jeff, Flickr

Puerto Azul—Still Operating

Parts of the resort still operate, though many areas are closed off to visitors and have become a main spectacle as the decaying buildings have become overgrown with tropical vegetation.

Abandoned Resort HotelJeff, Flickr

Varosha Beach Resort—Famagusta, Cyprus

Built in the 1970s, the stunning beach resort city or Famagusta was one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in the world and was a favorite destination of the rich and famous. It was known for its sunny beaches, glamorous shopping and dining experiences, and excellent luxury hotels.

Abandoned streets Toyota dealership - Varosha, Cyprus.JackKPhoto, Shutterstock

Varosha Beach Resort—Turkish Invasion

On July 20, 1974, the Turkish invasion suddenly drove all 39,000 inhabitants and hundreds of guests out of the city—including guests and workers at the Varosha Beach Resort.

Abandoned avenue and buildings in the beach resort of Varosha, CyprusJackKPhoto, Shutterstock

Varosha Beach Resort—Abandoned

Today, you’d find tables still set for breakfast, model 1970s cars still sitting in their garages, and designer clothing still hanging on the racks of hastily abandoned shops. Though everything is crumbling, rusting, and overgrown with weeds.

Varosha, once famous beach resort destination is now spooky ghost town.Tonis Valing, Shutterstock

Dino Island—Praia A Mare, Italy

Dino Island, a small islet that was once connected to the mainland before erosion ate the land bridge, was once an impending tourist destination with plans to build a luxury resort.

Dino Island and the lovely beach around it.Mélanie, Flickr

Dino Island—Abandoned

For some reasons, the elaborate plans and whatever construction that had begun was completely abandoned. Later, the island became an interest for pirates, and Islamic and Ottoman ships who frequented the little piece of land.

Dino Island view from above.Gianpietro Iannitelli, Flickr

Dino Island—Today

Today, the island is popular for its stunning natural beauty, calling people from all over the world to explore its 260 feet high cliffs and natural seashore grottos.

Dino Island, Praia a Mare, Italy - 2009Mélanie, Flickr

Pirou-Plage Ghost Village—Pirou, France

The Piro-Plage Village was once planned to include 75 houses, a hotel club, and two tennis courts. It is situated only a couple hundred yards from the beach, and behind a beautiful natural dune.

Pirou-Plage Ghost VillageXfigpower, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Pirou-Plage Ghost Village—Abandoned

About 25 houses into its build, the construction suddenly stopped after the promoter ran off with its investor’s money. The project was discontinued and left to rot.

Pirou-Plage Ghost Village - 2016Xfigpower, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Pirou-Plage Ghost Village—Artistic Takeover

Eventually, the remains of the village became home to squatters and ravers who came and went as they pleased. It became known as a ghost town, open to whoever wanted to stay there. Eventually, street artists joined the group, making the rotting structures lively again.

Pirou-Plage Ghost Village - 2016Xfigpower, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Penn Hills Resort—East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

In its prime, Penn Hills boasted two large in-ground pools in the shape of wedding bells. Each romantic suite included heart shaped jacuzzies surrounded by mirrors.

Penn Hills Resort - 2011Jonathan Haeber, Flickr

Penn Hills Resort—Financial Struggles

During the 1990s and early 2000s, love-themed resorts experienced a huge decline and the upkeep costs became too much and the resort struggled to stay open.

The tiki-themed bar at the Penn Hills Resort in the Poconos.Jonathan Haeber, Flickr

Penn Hills Resort—Abandoned

In 2009, the last of Penn Hill’s co-founders passed away at the age of 102. After his demise, the resort permanently shut its doors, and it was abandoned as is.

Abandoned Penn Hills Resort - 2014Forsaken Fotos, Flickr

Penn Hills Resort—Criminal Past

During the aftermath of the manhunt for Eric Frien, an American man wanted for horrific crimes, it was said that his manifestos were scribbled on the abandoned ice rink walls, where he hid from authorities.

Abandoned Penn Hills Resort - 2014Forsaken Fotos, Flickr

Eyrie House Ruins—Holyoke, Massachusetts

Opened in 1861, the hotel included a picnic area, a croquet field, and masterful views of the winding Connecticut River and surrounding Mt. Tom Mountain range. It saw several hundred visitors each day in the 1880s.

Eyrie House RuinsPaul Cooper, Flickr

Eyrie House Ruins—Rebuilding

After other resorts in the area opened, popularity of the Eyrie House declined, and its owner planned on re-building and re-branding. He had planned on building two new hotels—but something horrific happened instead.

Eyrie House - 2010Philip Chapman-Bell, Flickr

Eyrie House Ruins—An Accidental Tear Down

On April 13th, 1901, the owner had started a funeral pyre for two unalive horses. Before he knew it, the entire mountaintop was in flames. After the flames stopped, all that was left was the building’s understory.

Eyrie house ruins - 2008TK905, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Eyrie House Ruins—Underinsured

Unfortunately, the owner was underinsured and was unable to rebuild at all. Feeling defeated, he lived the rest of his life as a recluse. When the state took over the property they gave him a $5,000 cheque as a gesture of goodwill, but the man passed before ever touching the money.

Ruinous Building On Corstorphine HillCalum McRoberts, CC-BY-SA-2.0, Wikimedia Commons


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