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Thanksgiving Facts

Gratifying Facts About Thanksgiving And Its History

Thanksgiving is hundreds of years old, so the holiday has a lot of history. This list is “stuffed” with fun facts about Thanksgiving.
February 20, 2024 Phillip Hamilton
Viral Challenges Internal

Wild Facts About The Dumbest Viral Trends And Challenges In History

Viral Challenges Facts. Whether they're competing for views, fun, or misguided ideas of glory, viral challenges can come with just plain scary consequences.
January 5, 2024 Phillip Hamilton
Eddie Money Facts

Shakin' Facts About Eddie Money, Rock Legend

After a terrifying overdose that left him with permanent nerve damage, Eddie Money revealed the crucial moment that forced him to get sober.
January 5, 2024 Phillip Hamilton
Hank Williams Facts

Honky Tonk Facts About Hank Williams, The Hillbilly Shakespeare

Hank Williams was one of the most prolific and influential country singers ever—but his life was as tragic as his saddest songs.
December 28, 2023 Phillip Hamilton