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15 Things People Hate About Traveling

The Not-So-Glamorous Side of Traveling: 15 Common Gripes

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Traveling can be a transformative experience, opening your eyes to new cultures, landscapes, and ways of life. It can be both a dream and a challenge. While new places beckon with their allure, there are undeniable hassles that come with the journey. 

Here's a detailed breakdown of the top 15 annoyances most seasoned travelers would rather skip.

Airport Security

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The long lines, the detailed checks, and the general atmosphere can set many on edge. For the frequent flier, having to take off shoes, belts, and sometimes be subject to more detailed checks can feel like a severe breach of personal space.

A survey found 53% of travelers naming airport security as their top peeve.

Jet Lag

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Our bodies don't always catch up as fast as our flights. Crossing multiple time zones can make day feel like night, and vice versa.

Persistent fatigue, disturbed sleep, and even mood changes affect about 93% of long-haul travelers.

Lost Luggage

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The anxiety of standing by the carousel only to realize your luggage isn’t coming out is palpable. Beyond the inconvenience, it's also the loss of personal items, sometimes valuable or sentimental, that rankles.

In 2019, about 5.57 bags per 1,000 passengers went awry.

Tourist Crowds

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Bustling crowds can make sightseeing more of a challenge than a pleasure. Jostling for space or waiting in long queues can detract from the experience.

According to TripAdvisor, 45% of travelers wish they could bypass the throngs.

Flight Delays

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Whether it’s due to technical issues, weather conditions, or other factors, waiting for hours in an airport is universally disliked.

The uncertainty and disruption of plans, not to mention extended airport stays, affected travelers on 17% of all flights in 2019.

Language Barriers

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Misunderstandings or being entirely unable to communicate can be frustrating. While it adds to the charm of a new place, it can also lead to missed opportunities or even uncomfortable situations.

32% of international travelers mention this barrier as a trip downer.

Expensive Roaming Charges

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Using maps or uploading pictures can sometimes lead to a bill shock post-trip. The hidden costs of travel often materialize in the form of mobile charges, with 56% of travelers getting caught out.

Overpriced Tourist Traps

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Sometimes famous places don't live up to their reputation. Besides being crowded, many popular tourist attractions have inflated prices, leading to reviews labeling them as 'not worth the money'.

Uncomfortable Accommodations


A room different from the pictures, unclean surroundings, or a poor location can sour a trip. The importance of rest while traveling makes a bad hotel especially disappointing, as echoed in countless online reviews.

Cultural Misunderstandings

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Unintentional faux pas due to cultural differences can be embarrassing. This includes inappropriate dress codes in religious places or misunderstanding local customs, with 28% of travelers admitting to some cultural blunder.

Local Swindling

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Being seen as an 'easy target' is never pleasant. From rigged taxi meters to fake goods, these experiences can put a damper on any trip.

A surprising 21% of tourists have fallen victim to some form of swindling.

Dietary Restrictions

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Navigating food choices in unfamiliar territory while trying to adhere to dietary restrictions can be daunting.

Lack of options or mistrust in foreign cuisine labels can be a nightmare, with 35% of vegan travelers voicing these concerns.

Transportation Woes

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Getting lost, missing connections, or simply trying to understand foreign transport systems can lead to lost time and high stress.

Unexpected transit adventures aren't always welcome, with 38% of travelers having at least one tale to tell.

Weather Letdowns

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No one likes their beach vacation rained out or a winter wonderland trip with no snow. While unpredictable, weather does play a pivotal role in holiday enjoyment, influencing the mood of 41% of travelers.

Inadequate Travel Insurance

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Discovering you're not covered for specific events when you need it most can be a shocker. Whether it's medical emergencies or trip cancellations, the fine print matters, as 22% of travelers found out the hard way.

Final Thoughts

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As the saying goes, it's not the destination but the journey that counts. Yet, even the journey has its ups and downs.

But for every gripe on this list, there are countless unforgettable moments, breathtaking sights, and heartwarming interactions that make all the hassles of travel worth it.


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