June 13, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

The Creepiest Abandoned Attractions

The world is full of desolate places that hold echoes of a tragic past. Yet, despite their ominous origins, these abandoned attractions have become some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. You may not believe in ghosts or things that go bump in the night, but a visit to one of these sites will send a shiver down your spine.

The City Of The Dead, Russia

City of the DeadAlex Svirkin, Wikipedia

From afar, the small village of Dargavs is picture perfect with 100 stone houses situated on a lush green hillside. But if you dare to get closer, you’ll see that all those quaint little homes are actually quaint little crypts, and the village itself is a massive burial ground. No one knows why this particular spot was chosen to house the dearly departed, but it’s been a ghost town since the 16th century. And while Dargavs has become a popular spot for tourists, no one leaves the village untouched by the eerie combination of beauty and death.

The Island Of The Dolls, Mexico

Island of the DollsIsla de las Muñecas

This small island near Mexico City is decorated with hundreds of dolls. But this is no place for laughter and child’s play—the dolls that hang from the trees are meant to ward off a restless spirit. According to legends, a young girl drowned near the island and washed ashore with her doll. As a sign of respect, a hermit who lived on the island hung the girl’s doll from one of the trees. Over the years, more dolls mysteriously appeared in the trees until the island was overrun with them.

Now, the island is one of the world's most popular abandoned attractions. People claim that the dolls are possessed and can be heard whispering to each other—you can determine the truth of the matter for yourself if you visit this spooky island.

St. George’s Church, Czech Republic

St. George's ChurchMatej Divizna, Getty Images

The town of Lukova is home to one of the creepiest abandoned attractions in the world: St. George’s Church. Built in the 14th century, St. George’s Church closed its doors for good in 1968. In a terrifying turn of events, the roof of the church collapsed during a funeral service, leaving over 30 victims in its wake. To the villagers, this was a bad omen and they vowed to never set foot in the church again. While sermons were still held outside the church, the building itself deteriorated as the years went on.

In 2014, St. George’s Church experienced a brief revival when artist Jakub Hadrava decided it was the perfect spot for an art installation. Hadrava built 32 sculptures of people dressed in robes, and then placed the statues among the church pews. Forever in silent prayer, these beautiful guardians keep watch over the church and all the tourists who walk through its abandoned doors.


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